We safeguard the Twi Language for future generations through activism, education and technology.

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2019 – 2021

Wikimedians of Twi Language User Group

- Jemima Antwi

Twi Wikimedians User Group is a group of young Ghanaians working collaboratively to create, promote, and develop articles, content and media files on Twi Wikipedia and Wikicommons. We strongly believe our stories need to be told and who else is the best person to tell our stories than we the young people living out our culture each day.

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Do you speak, read and write Twi? Why don’t you join us in working on our many projects to help grow our beloved language (Twi).

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To actively promote the content on Twi Wikipedia and inspire Ghanaian youth in contributing to keeping the Twi Language alive for future generations to come.

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With our constant projects, we have been able to add the most number of articles to Twi Wikipedia as a group.

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We love to share knowledge and teach. Are you new to Wikipedia and would love to learn all about Wikipedia and how you can contribute? Then watch our videos and join our ever-growing family.

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